Dr. Lisa Vallejos: Coaching & Counseling in Denver



Dr. Lisa Vallejos

Coaching & Counseling In Denver

 Even when it's not easy. Even when it's downright hard. 

Life can be awe-inspiring, passionate and adventurous but an extraordinary life doesn't happen by accident. It takes intention, practice and a commitment to living brave, living fully and taking full ownership for what you want to create (and then doing it!)

​I'm Dr. Lisa Vallejos and it is my mission to support people on this journey of life to awaken to the majesty of living well.  I help my clients take ownership for their lives, create new ways of being and revolutionize their entire world.  With proven tools, techniques and a radical way of seeing the world, I can help you create a mad, magical life that will leave you breathless, fulfilled and deeply nourished.