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You are a woman who has felt the call your heart.  You may have found yourself wondering, “is this all there is?” and feel a deep longing for something more.  Maybe you’ve been so busy building a career that you’ve neglected building a life.  Maybe you’ve been so tangled up in raising children that you’ve lost sight of who you truly are.  Maybe you’ve found yourself craving deeper relationships and more intimate ways of relating with others.  Maybe you’ve never really known who you are and what you want and have decided that NOW is the time.

 If that’s you, I’m glad you’re here. 

 In a journey of transformation, it is helpful to have a skilled guide.  You want someone who has gone this way before you and has come back to show you the way.  You want someone who has the resources, skills and wisdom to guide you through the dark places & walk with you to the light.


I look forward to serving you & walking this life journey with you.