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I’m Dr. Lisa Vallejos, but you can call me Lisa. I’m a psychologist by training but just between us, I am actually a consultant to enterprising women on a mission to birth their BIG message into the world with alignment, soul, integrity & focus. 

You can think of me like your therapist, coach, best friend, fairy godmother and big sister all rolled into one. I’m Latinx so you can expect some sass, spice and red hot soulful passion from our work.

Like many of you, I haven’t always known my purpose or the point of my life or how to play a bigger life game. I was just kind of doing what I thought was right & going about my business when the Universe knocked me off my high horse, right onto my ass and made me wake the eff up about how special life really is. Thank goodness for that because once I was awake, I finally learned how to live. Since then, I have…

  • Being featured on news stations such as CBS, CNN, Good Morning Arizona, The Denver Post and the SFGate
  • Going viral many times on my blog
  • Creating systems that bring me passive income from many sources (getting paid while I sleep!)
  • Taking a brand new Institute from launch to profit in less than 90 days
  • Wrote my first book (coming out in Aug. 2017)
  • Had my art, poetry and academic writing published
  • (and a whole bunch of service based activities like volunteering & board memberships)

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