The Art of Living

Four action packed months of live seminars, group and individual sessions to launch your most epic life.

Modules include:

The Art of Feminine Power and Presence

The Art of Intentional Creating & Living

The Art of Sensual Living

The Art of Conscious Relating

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90 Day Life Mastery Program

What if you could radically change your life in just 90 days?  In this program, you will learn how to create your vision, plan your success, break through blocks and re-boot your life.  This program is best suited for those who are ready to take life to the next level and just need a little help to get going.

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If you want Dr. Lisa to come speak for your organization, start here!  Dr. Lisa is a prolific speaker who has graced the stages at numerous organizations, including:

Children’s Hospital Colorado

Children’s Hospital Phoenix

Donor Alliance

Good Morning, Arizona

Good Morning, Colorado

Dr. Lisa can present one of her signature talks or can craft one specifically for your group!

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Do you have a secret dream of living a life that is fulfilling, meaningful and exciting?  One where you wake up daily powered by your passions instead of dreading the mundane and living for the weekend?  Do you have a desire to travel, see the world, make an impact, do what you love AND have the freedom you crave?

Just a few years back, I had that dream too and was clueless on how to get there.  I was working too hard, stressing too much and too often and feeling drained by my life.  I’d experienced some big time trauma and drama and didn’t know where to begin.  But…I started taking small steps, gained a ton of confidence & completely renovated my life.

Since that time, I’ve gotten a PhD in psychology, published my art and poetry, been featured on news stations, received awards for my writing and have become recognized as an emerging leader in my profession.  Not only that, but I’ve cultivated the most amazing, soulful relationships with people I adore being around and who love being around me too!

Did I mention I did all of this while being a single mom to two kiddos?  I’ve created a life that allows us to travel, explore the world, fulfill our dreams (we have a family bucket list!) and also to be there for them in meaningful ways daily.

I’ve taken all I’ve learned and created programs just for folks like you who want the same sort of free-wheeling, meaningful life where you can contribute to the world all your gifts, talents and purpose without neglecting the things that are most important in life.

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Next Steps…

If you feel the call to pursue the life of your dreams while maintaining your sanity and balance, you really ought to connect with me now.

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