The Philosophy

I believe we are all capable of achieving greatness.  We are limited only by ourselves. I am a wild woman who loves other wild women–women who dare to shirk convention, live their truth boldly and unapologetically and who know that the key to changing the world is transformation of the self.

We are born without prejudice, limitations and stories of why we can’t. Then life happens and we slowly retreat. We live as we think we ought to. We stop seeking pleasure for its own sake and start being functional. We don’t see a supermodel in the mirror so we stop trying to be out best selves.

But..the world needs women who have come back to life. We need women who speak their truth, live their mission and love radically (themselves and others).

It doesn’t happen overnight and it requires grit. It requires a willingness to dig deep, change ourselves and to take that heart core presence out to the world.

That is the juice that fuels the wild woman. We are not afraid to get messy when needed. We are the ones who stand with you in your joy, hold you in your sorrow and scream with you when you rage.

We are fierce.

The path to being a wild woman is an art one must master. No one accidentally stumbles into masterful living. It requires learning, dedication and a willingness to be vulnerable. It is learning how to be present, how to love, how to let go and how to expand.

Mastering the art of living will lead to a wild woman revolution. We will be the ones who change our lives, families, generations to come, communities and eventually the world.

This is what I do. This is what I teach. It’s all about mastering yourself, your life and whatever circumstances you may have so you can transform your world. I am leading a wild woman revolution by teaching the art of living.

We are becoming the heroes we need.

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