Can you feel me?

When the early morning sun

Caresses your skin

Warming you in your resting place

When the chilled air gently

 Kisses your body

Teasing you awake,

When the bird greets you

Her ecstatic song and dance

Coaxing a smile to your face,

Can you feel me?

I am in the howl

Of the coyote

Ringing out at dusk,

I am in the breeze

Blowing softly across

The nape of your neck,

I am in the wings of the bee

Floating nearby

Stirring the air of your soul,

 Can you feel me?

I am the moon

Peeking into your room

Watching you sleep,

I am in the cool water

That trails down your skin

Offering delightful shivers,

I am in your bones

In your veins

In all that surrounds you,

Can you feel me?

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