If you are in the writing and research phase of your doctorate program, you know how challenging this can be. In fact, statistics of people who start but never finish a doctorate program are staggering—49-64% NEVER FINISH (depending on the discipline).

Of course, that will not be you. Right? RIGHT! Sometimes we just need some extra support, a KITA (kick in the a**), some tricks, tools and accountability to do what we all came here to do—FINISH. It is also necessary to have a PLAN, and a ROADMAP. Otherwise, you can spend ages spinning your wheels on unnecessary tasks.

If you are in the writing phase, or about to begin and want to get it done efficiently and with high quality, please join me for Dissertation Boot Camp. This newly revised workshop will give you a clear outline, create a writing calendar, help you gain and keep momentum, break through mental blocks, and give you tons of tools to help you along the way.

In only three hours, you will:

• Create a writing calendar
• Learn how to structure your dissertation in the most efficient manner
• Eliminate brain drain
• Learn and implement self care strategies
• Break through mental blocks that keep many stuck
• Learn how to get rid of writer’s block (once and for all)

(Of course, there will much more fun, engaging and inspiring content but those are the highlights)

This Boot Camp is limited so please register immediately. After it’s full, you’ll have to wait until the next round and if your goal is to get finished, this valuable Boot Camp can be just the thing you need to get you over the finish line. The cost to participate is only $97 but the value of finally being done is priceless.

You’ll get:

  • A dissertation outline that contains all the necessary components for your particular dissertation
  • Customizable writing calendar
  • Guidance for how to structure your writing time
  • Assistance setting realistic and achievable goals
  • Coaching on how to overcome mental blocks, procrastination and perfectionism


  • Weekly accountability check in
  • Live coaching
  • Email support

These skills are exactly what I used to complete my dissertation in one semester as well as to write a book in record time. I’ve also coached other graduate students to achieve their goals on their dissertation work.

I’ve priced this so you can get the tools you need without the crippling cost of most other programs which range from $300 per hour to $4000 for a group program. Space is limited. Join today!

Register here: