How many times have you said to yourself, I'm going to break through these money blocks, once and for all?

Then, you are surprised find yourself right back where you started or even in a worse spot than you were before.

Now you may be feeling disenchanted and challenged. If you are here, it means you're still searching and that's a great thing because it means you're determined.

What if you fell in love with money?

You are infinitely more wealthy and abundant than you know and you owe it to yourself to discover exactly how to make get the results you desire.

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If you're anything like me, you've likely always wanted more money and abundance.

Like you, I struggled with a lack mentality for years. I was born into poverty & spent the first few years of my life on welfare. Luckily, I met a mentor who introduced me to the secrets of wealthy people and showed me the way from poverty to prosperity.

I learned: 

  • Wealth Starts in Your Mind!

    Wealth mentality is learned, just like lack mentality & with the right tools, anyone can shift their mindset.

  • Money is Energy!

    Money is an energy and once you learn how to harness the powerful techniques available, you can bring the wealth you desire into your life.

  • Yes, YOU can do it!

    Even if you’ve started and stopped or not been successful in your previous efforts, you too can master your Money Mojo and revolutionize your experience of abundance.

There are proven ways to master your Money Mojo and separate, they are all effective. TOGETHER, they are unstoppable.

This course is a 60 day journey that combines some of the world's best knowledge on wealth and abundance with cutting edge psychological research that will give you the results you desire. Even better, you will walk away with a toolkit that you can always access!

Have you ever dreamed about living life with more than enough?

Are you ready for a new approach to money?

Of course you do!

This dynamic course is based on the phenomenal principles that have been uncovered by the great minds who have studied and mastered prosperity. It's the same process I have used in my own life to create the exact results I want and it's what has allowed me to live my life on my terms.

  • Loving Community!

    When you enroll, you get access to a loving community that will support you in your aim to revolutionize your Money Mojo. Support along the journey is critical to radical transformation!

  • Workbook Included!

    You also get a workbook with exercises, journal space, reflections, and a dynamic source to reference now and in the future.

  • Free Coaching with Lisa!

    As a bonus, you get one free coaching session with Lisa (Valued at $300) to help you break through your inner glass ceiling, cultivate the right mindset AND crystalize your vision.

    As an ADDED bonus, you’ll get weekly LIVE coaching in our private Facebook Group!

This golden opportunity won't last forever.

Satisfaction guaranteed! I'll happily return your investment if you do the work and don't see a transformation.