It’s become painfully obvious that there is a problem in the spiritual/healing/life coaching arena. The problem is that many self-proclaimed healers are engaging in behaviors that serve to uphold white supremacy. These so-called leaders and healers have engaged in behavior that is harmful to women of color and have caused deep harm. The types of behaviors they have engaged in include whitewashing, silence, covert and overt violence, cultural appropriation and spiritual bypassing.

This list is complied for your protection–these women are not safe for women of color and do not have your best interests at heart OR they lack a fundamental understanding of the social dynamics that play into race relations and social justice. People on this list have not been added casually; there have been multiple attempts to educate them by leaders in the social justice community and many have invested hours of emotional labor, only to have said efforts dismissed.

With that said….Here’s the list.

Rebecca Ives Rubin

Danielle Lynn